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Slovenia is a small EU Member State according to its size and population, but it is as varied as much larger Member States. We used to emphasise that the population of our country was barely two million (this figure is now exceeded by a few tens of thousands) and that we had less than fifty kilometers of coastline (although this ranks us third among the countries with the shortest coastlines in the world). Slovenia lies at the intersection of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain, and the Dinaric Alps, which is a geostrategically important position and a gateway to the world. Slovenia can be traveled across in a day, and it takes even less time to travel from Ljubljana to neighboring countries: 45 minutes to Austria, 1 hour to Italy, one and a half hours to Croatia, and less than two hours to Hungary (

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Slovene is the official language of Slovenia. Two minority languages, Hungarian and Italian, are recognised as co-official languages and are used in the municipalities where the minorities live. Of the foreign languages, English and German are the most commonly taught. 


Health care

The Emergency number is 112. The nearest hospital is Izola General Hospital (Polje 40, 6310 Izola).  



AIME 2022 will take place at St. Bernardin Resort - Grand Hotel Bernardin located in Portoroz, Slovenia. St. Bernardin Resort enjoys a unique location between two breathtaking cities, Piran and Portorož. It combines 3 hotels and a Congress Centre under one roof. 

    Grand Hotel Bernardin
    Obala 2
    6320 Portoroz

Kongresni center St. Bernardin, Portorož – Edumedic

Conference Venue 

The Bernardin Congress Centre is the first and largest hotel congress centre in Slovenia and one of the largest in South-Eastern Europe. The multifunctional design of the congress centre enables the organisation of various events and events.

Kongresni centri in dvorane - Portorož in Piran

Emerald Hall

Adria Hall

Mediteranea Hall


Grand hotel Bernardin 5*



Hotel Histrion 4* 

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Getting to Portoroz 

For international attendees, we recommend using the Airport in Venice Marco Polo (VCE) which has good international connections and is 190km away from Portoroz.

Other nearby options are also Ronchi Airport in Trieste, Italy (80 kilometers away) and Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Slovenia's main airport (140 km away).

For transport to Portoroz, you can book GoOpti shuttle service.

Getting around Portoroz 

To experience Portorož, follow the website and discover the city's many attractions, culinary offers, sports, and other cultural events. 

If you want to rent a car, you can check and find the best deal on the website. Arriva bus lines offers the following connections: Koper - Izola - Portorož - Piran and Piran - Portorož - Lucija. The bus timetable can be found at the following link:   

COVID-19 Information 

Currently there are no COVID-19 restrictions in Slovenia. More up-to-date information on the COVID-19 conditions can be found at the following link: